Beer List


Farmhouse Ale – 4.5% ABV – This yellow “table beer” utilizes coriander and Cascade hops grown on our farm. Our lightest beer.

Chiswick (CHIZ-ik) Ale – ESB – 5.9% ABV – This Extra Special Bitter has great balance between the sweet caramel, bready English malt and herbal, earthy hops! The London district of Chiswick is home to one of our favorite breweries which happens to brew a classic ESB!


Wit’s End – Belgian Wit – 4.8% ABV – Our Belgian Wit is pale straw in color and refreshingly crisp with slight sweetness. The beer starts with slight citrus notes, and our custom yeast blend produces a dry, spicy finish!

St. Alfonzo’s Single – Belgian Single – 5.3% ABV  – Our take on a traditional, lower alcohol, Belgian beer. Very little hop presence; finishes with orange and apricot notes. Great refreshing beer.

Abby-Something – Belgian Quad – 10.5% ABV – In collaboration with our good friends at Homaide Brewing this 10.5% monster boasts flavors of figs, raisins and plums for rich maltiness. Soft notes of vanilla and dried cherries are balanced by a light spice for a harmonious finish.

Sweet Mystery – Barrel Aged Belgian Blend – 8.6% ABV  – Our Belgian Double aged for 2 years in a Bourbon barrel blended with our Belgian Quad, Abby Something. Incredible and complex!  Limited amount.


Killer Bees – Honey Steam – 5.5% ABV – This “California Common” style beer uses lager yeast fermented at ale temperatures. The flavor starts with 60 lbs of local honey from F & D Apiaries, malt in the middle and classic lager yeast at the end. Enjoy before, during or after any “Bee” encounter!


California Oak – West Coast IPA – 7.1% ABV – This one is all about classic American hops – beginning, middle and end. Floral, citrus aroma with all that piney, resinous flavor throughout.

Mo – East Coast IPA – 6.2% ABV – Mosaic, El Dorado and Citra hops in abundance give this  IPA it’s fruity (“MOmona” in Hawaiian) aroma.  Slightly hazy for all the right reasons! A touch of wheat from our farm.

Double Oak – Double IPA – 8.8% ABV – Chinook and Centennial hops lend a spicy aroma to this well-balanced double. Hop presence from beginning to end!


Octo – Marzen – 5.5% ABV – A Marzen is traditionally brewed in March to be consumed late in the year. It has a rich malt character, and very low hop bitterness derived from continental hops.

IngeAlt – Alt Beer –  5.0% ABV – A classic Dusseldorf-style alt beer. Malt forward and less sweet and more pronounced bitterness than a Marzen.  A very drinkable beer. Prost! 


Tube Stop – Stout – 4.5% ABV – Named after our favorite mass transit system, this dark, low-gravity, malt-focused ale is finished with cacao and chilli peppers. Enjoy, and “mind the gap!”


G2 – Gose (Sour) – 4.3% ABV – A rather tart German wheat beer with pronounced saltiness.  Contains lemon verbena from our farm.  A very refreshing, low alcohol beer.